Reviews on Real Satisfied

7/29/2021 -
Stephen Thompson
Sonja is very knowledgeable, professional and was very attentive to our needs and concerns. I would highly recommend her

2/15/2021 -
Eric C. Mota
Sonja Seidl is a first class professional which combines efficiency and care for her clients. She simply excelled in every aspect of the work and became a go-to resource after the purchase. Sonja is a true partner and someone you can count on at any time.

10/1/2020 -
Andrew M. Wichita
Sonja and the BHHS team were fantastic and gave an honest estimate of the home and market for me. They made every step easy and advertised so well that there constant showings and incredible service. I will be working with them again!

6/16/2020 -
Ethel Overstake, Wichita / Bel Aire, KS
I couldn't have been more pleased with the services and guidance I received from BHHS PenFed Realty, East Office. I didn't know how to even begin and I was guided through the process and everything turned out fantasticly.

6/9/2020 -
Gale McCormick, Wichita
We went with BHHS PenFed Realty because of our previous dealings with Sonja Seidl. Sonja has been our realtor for over 12 years. Sonja is a people person who is always positive and able to seam the gap between buyer and seller perfectly. Our last move was rather stressful by nature, however with Sonja's knowledge and skillset our stress level was lowered extensively to end with yet another successful and happy conclusion. Sonja Seidl's knowledge, skillset, attitude and success rate are all reasons why I would suggest to anyone looking to buy or sell a home to call her.

6/8/2020 -
Doug Padzensky, Wichita
She's the best in the business, always has a great positive attitude and fun to work with. She exceeded all expectations, we had a lot of questions and requests and she went above and beyond helping us feel comfortable.

3/23/2020 -
Pamela Fruhauf, Wichita
Sonja Seidl and Macrina Bayless made our transaction very easy and enjoyable. They were helpful and knowledgeable about our needs and desires. We found exactly what we need and wanted. We are very excited! We will continue to refer them to our friends!

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